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Victory Of The Whale

Sea Shepherd, in collaboration with the London Tattoo Convention, is proud to present the Victory of the Whale – Tattoo Art for the Ocean book. Tattoo artists from all over the world have created a special design based on the 200 year anniversary of the victory of a sperm whale, defeating a whaling vessel in 1820.

The title refers to the tale of The Essex, 200 years ago. This whaling vessel set sail from Nantucket, Massachusetts on a fateful voyage across the Pacific Ocean. During the attempted slaughter of a whale pod, the ship was rammed by an enormous sperm whale and the battered ship succumbed to the ocean, leaving the Captain and his crew stranded far at sea, forced to embark on a treacherous return journey that would see the surviving men resort to cannibalism to ward off starvation. This harrowing tale of man vs nature captured the attention of the world, eventually inspiring Herman Melville to write his classic novel ‘Moby Dick’.

To honour the 200th anniversary of a whale defeating the whalers with the very harpoons that were intended to kill him, 71 artists from all over the world have each produced a work inspired by the ramming of the sperm whale. Representing the power and beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

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