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Edward Abbey's novel - Editions Gallmeister

An exploration of the undying beauty of the last great American wilderness, Going Downriver takes us into landscapes where the body and mind float freely. Their vastness awakens meditations on subjects ranging from the life of Henry David Thoreau to the militarization of the great outdoors. One hears a passionate condemnation of the blows to our natural heritage in the name of progress, profit and security. Filled with fiery dawns, shining rivers and radiant canyons, this collection, unpublished in France, is charged with a sincere and unbridled rage against human greed.)

In Going Down the River, we find Edward Abbey, poet and provocateur, at his best, when we need him most.

Excerpt: "Wilderness complements and completes civilization. I would even say that the existence of wilderness is also a compliment to civilisation. A society that feels too poor to afford to preserve the wilderness cannot deserve to be called civilization."

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