Book Victory Of The Whale


Book Paleo-sapience, a paradigm for the future by Frank Forencich

Preface by Lamya Essemlali and Dr. Fouché

Don't you find it strange that you have landed here as an adult, in the midst of a global crisis, with minimal preparation for the challenges of our time? Have you ever suspected that your education may have been an exercise in futility and a waste of valuable time? You've spent a lot of time in schools of all kinds. You worked your way through elementary school and high school, maybe even through college and beyond, thinking that one day your hard work would be rewarded. But when the day finally arrived, you were shocked to discover a world in chaos. The realities of impending ecological disaster, social injustice, pandemics, and other systemic ills suddenly became apparent, and you began to feel incredibly unprepared, even incompetent. What we need is adequacy. Success depends on teaching people the skills and guiding principles they will need in the world they will inhabit. Teachers, coaches, trainers, therapists, health professionals and parents all share a common challenge: how do we prepare the human animal for life on this planet, at this time in history? Lessons, essays and fireside chats to meet the challenges of the future!

Editions Ressources Primordiales donates 2€ per copy sold to Sea Shepherd France

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